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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's snowing and cold: ergo global warming is a myth

The global warming deniers just love winter, especially when it snows a lot. For the anti-science right this is more than enough proof that the reams of data that show the last decade to be the hottest since accurate records have been kept because of a few dubious e-mails. They do it every winter, reveling in their small minded parochial idiocy.

Except that climate scientists have constantly maintained that more severe winter storms is a direct result of increased evaporation from slowly warming large bodies of water.

Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia has been hit with millennial floods and Southern Africa where drought is a far more common problem have also seen flooding for the past couple of months. Then there is this amazing satellite image northern Queensland in Australia is about to hit by a doozy of a cyclone, the Pacific version of a hurricane.

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