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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The US Chamber of Commerce and B of A goes after critics and their families

The Chamber of Commerce has been under fire for the huge amounts it spent on its large corporate clients in the past year while marginalizing the interests of small business that they purport to support. Last year they ran a multitude of ads portraying Democrat policies as job-killing attempts to ruin the economy. While doing that they defenced large corporations who use offshore tax haven to avoid billions in taxes and held seminars for these same corporations on how to export jobs to China.

Recently Aaron Barr, a top executive at the security company, HB Gary Federal boasted that his company had infiltrated and begun to expose 'Anonymous', the hacker group that came to the defense of Wikileaks.

Lesson # 1 for Barr. Don't fuck with hackers 'Anonymous' hacked into Barr's company and found e-ails documenting an orchestrated plan between the Chamber of Commerce, the Bank of America and a few hired security companies have started a smear campaign to undermine opponents by planting false documents, creating fake personas and targeting their families and children. Some of it is dirty politics as usual but targeting spouses and children crosses a line as well as probably
breaking the law.

Glenn Greenwald of Salon, one of the targets as a full rundown as well as other links to the story.

Think Progress
has a few pieces on the story as well.

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