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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scott Walker is a congenital liar

Firstly the bad news for Walker. Two polls, one just in Wisconsin and the other national Show support for allowing collective bargaining for public employees. In Wisconsin his favorable rating was 39% and unfavorable was 49%. Since the protests have started his support has eroded.

He took to the airwaves tonight for a fireside chat. He started out by claiming that the public employees have refused to accept the cuts. Complete and utter lie. They have accepted cuts, they haven't accepted the loss of the right to collective bargaining. That's quite a lie.

He then started claiming that the crowds are largely outside agitators. Another lie. Outsiders have come in but after the initial protests.

He then threatened 1,500 layoffs before the end of June and another 5-6,000 state workers and 5-6,000 local government workers will lose their jobs by July 1. Mafia tactics aren't going to win him too many fans.

He's also claiming that Wisconsin has a $3 billion deficit. Another lie. That's the deficit projected for the next two years starting when the new budget will begin in the summer. Big difference. Sadly even the non Fox News media are reporting that there is a $3 billion deficit now. Can't they get a simple fucking fact right. Obviously not which is why people like him can get away with lie after lie.

Even Mitch Daniels if Indiana and Rick Scott of Florida, no shrinking violet have come out for public employees to retain collective bargaining rights.

While Walker certainly walked and talked the Tea Party line he never mentioned the idea of killing collective bargaining for public employees.

Lost in all this fuss is the horrific part in his budget about selling giving away state utilities to the private sector without any bidding, oversight or debate. 

The GOP use the rallying cry of 'class war' whenever a Democrat or critic calls for raising taxes for the wealthiest to help the deficit or for any other reason.  The Democrats have largely shrunk away from that, too scared to be tainted by the idea of class warfare.  Meanwhile class warfare has been raging in America for the last decade and longer, with the powerful winning virtually every battle by conning people into voting against their interests.

Wisconsin is the first real battle where class warfare has broken out. Walker created it by handing out $120 million in tax breaks for corporations, his cronies and the wealthy and using that shortfall in state revenue to stick it to public employees and others.

This i a battle the people of Wisconsin and the state Democrats cannot afford to lose. The mafia style thuggery and duplicity of Walker and his ilk needs to be stopped. A win will encourage others throughout the country to finally say 'enough of this bullshit'. Yes, America is going through hard times and tough choices need to be made but as long as America continues to dump all the tough choices on the middle and lower income classes its downward spiral will continue and accelerate.

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