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Friday, February 11, 2011

John Lennon is smiling tonight because of the people of Egypt

The people of Egypt have shown the world that people have the power. In a part of the world that has had more of its share of theocracy, autocracy and most other 'ocracies' other than democracy it's a welcome sight. Mubarak may have been a friend of the West and benign about Israel but he was also a thuggish dictator with a vicious scret police that routinely used torture and a kleptocrat of immense proportions. It's rumored he has stashed away $2-3 billion. He must have invested his presidential salary wisely.

Will a true democracy prevail? Time will tell but the ravings of the right in America are so hypocritical so wrong. They have the audacity to preach that Democracy is good, but only for Judeo Christian societies. I hope Egypt proves how ignorant and out of touch they are.

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