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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here comes the 'Uterus police'

From the party that believes in less government and in keeping government out of our lives comes the latest salvo in the war against women.

In Georgia, state rep, Bobby Franklin has already made a name for himself when he proposed a change in rape laws changing the definition of someone who has been raped from a rape 'victim' to a rape 'accuser' until or unless the rapist is actually convicted in court. Will a rape victim be less likely to report a rape to the police knowing that she will be branded an 'accuser' instead of a 'victim'. Very possibly. If Franklin were honest he would call the bill The Rapist Protection Act.

He's come up with a new bill to eat away at the right to have an abortion and it's quite something in its current form.

The Bill begins with the statement that the state of Georgia has the obligation to protect life from conception to death. In Franklin's world the rights of a fetus are more important than the rights of the living. Last year he voted against a law that would prevent the CDC (Center for Disease Control) from requiring mandatory flu vaccinations in a pandemic.

Franklin's bill would require doctors to make an equal effort to save the life of mother and fetus. It goes on to state that any attempt to remove a fetus from the mother except to facilitate a live birth is murder. A miscarriage is not a crime but more on that later.

The proposed law as it stands allows for no exceptions to give the woman's life priority over the fetus. What if the mother develops cancer and needs chemo? What if she starts to hemorrhaging badly? What if she has a partial miscarriage and starts bleeding badly, an ectopic or an anecephalic fetus but it gets worse.

The bill calls for a 'Uterus Police' that has to investigate every miscarriage. Hospitals will be required to report every miscarriage which will trigger an investigation if the reason can't be determined. Any miscarriage outside a hospital where the cause is unclear will trigger an investigated.

The bill is unlikely to pass but that is even being considered is surreal. The party of small government. What a fucking joke.

UPDATE: It appears that the even more insane South Dakota justifiable homicide bill for anyone performing a legal abortion as defined by law looks as though it will be shelved.

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