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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glenn Beck - have I got a conspiracy for you

Google among others is the latest subject of Glenn Beck's paranoid rantings. I realized he's missing a glaringly obvious Islamist/radical leftist conspiracy with another internet giant - Facebook.

Have you noticed the symbols next to friend's names when you click on the 'chat' button. Those currently on line and active on Facebook are represented by a circle filled in with green. Below that are friends who have Facebook open but actively using the site represented by a circle with a green crescent at the bottom.

Then it hit me. I pulled up a list of national flags. More than a few nations have crescents in their flags and everyone of them is a Muslim nation. Many of these Muslim nations also have green in the flags as well. Why not the good old red, white and blue.

Facebook could have chosen any symbol like an apple pie and then an apple pie with all but one piece eaten, but no, it had to be a crescent. Facebook started at Harvard, an elitist leftist East Coast college. According to news reports the protestors in Egypt used Facebook as far back as two years ago to plot the protests.

With over 500 million users it's quite obvious, Facebook is the fulcrum of the plot to turn the civilized and and not so civilized world into a Muslim Caliphate.

Unfriend everyone on Facebook and head for the bunkers. Are you listening, Glenn Beck.

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