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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Venerable Washington Post - not so venerable any more

A while ago I posted about Dinesh D;Souza's ridciulous Forbes Magazine cover story about how President Obama has a dangerous "Kenyan anti-colonial" mindset. Other than Newt Gingrich the article was trashed by all and sundry. Other than the title of his book "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance" which he wrote right after graduating from Law School it was apparent D'Souza had put no thought or research in his article and had certainly not read the book.

Bear in mind, Obama's father, who was Kenyon, abandoned him and his mother when he was three.

This past week the Washington Post gave D'Souza the opportunity to rehash the same nonsense in a shorter form on their editorial pages. The Post has every right to publish editorials from all sides of the political spectrum but to give voice to complete drivel, and lazy drivel at that is says something about the papers current status.

The explanation offered by Fred Hiatt, the editor, only makes things worse.

I approved publication of this Op-Eed. D'Souza's theory has sparked a great deal of commentary, from potential presidential candidates as well as from commentators on our own pages.

Just because it 'sparked a great deal of commentary" does not make it worthy of publication, especially when all the commentary other than the Gingriches of the world who will endorse any anti-Obama piece, no matter how moronic, condembed the piece as utterly stupid.

The Washington Monthly has a good piece on it here.

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