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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Right go apeshit again over a an error of one thousandth of a percent

Last year the government mailed out 52 million stimulus for $250 each. About 72,000 of those 52 million had died recently or where in prison but still received the checks. The majority of those checks were returned uncashed to the government.

That's about one thousandth of a percent. Most of them had died in the preceding couple of months. I remember that fter my father passed away, he received a couple of social security checks before the paperwork was caught up.

For the Wingnuts this is further evidence of total government incompetence. How can they be trusted to run anything when they screw up by a thousandth of a percent. The private sector can do it so much better. Hey, only one BP deep sea oil rig blew up. So what if Wall Street didn't figure out there might be a housing bubble. So what if Merck got a little confused and misplaced the research that said Vioxx could cause heart attacks.

Shit happens, but if you elect Republicans we will prove to you just how incompetent goverment really is.

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