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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Bush and Blair 'fixed the facts' on the war in Iraq

A release of previously secret records by both the Americans and the British sheds a lot more light on the inevitable march to war. It's a lot worse than even the sceptics, like myself believed.

Here is one little nugget that explains a lot.

Administration determination to exploit the perceived propaganda value of intercepted aluminum tubes – falsely identified as nuclear related – before completion of even a preliminary determination of their end use.

I recall watching a 60 Minutes piece on the aluminum tubes. While the Bush administration was insisting the tubes were designed for nuclear centrifuges, the DOE (Department of Energy) experts at Oak Ridge in Tennessee insisted on 60 Minutes that they could not be used for anything other than short range rockets.

You cah read the entire analysis of the documents in this three part article.

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