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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GOP - George Soros wants to buy the election

In their little world of closeted ideology, Republicans believe that the well-to-do are automatically their constituents. Under that same umbrella are people of 'faith', as long as it isn't Islam, as well as people who cherish freedom and individualism. Democrats, on the other hand are poor, not because of circumstance but because they are lazy and are collecting unemployment, or as the Wall Street Journal editorial once callded them, those 'lucky duckies' who don't have to work. Government workers are also Democrats because the barel work so the can get a big fat pension when the retire.

Rich people have all the qualities that the 'luck duckies, lack so when a billionaire like George Soros supports liberal causes, it can only mean there is some sinister plot afoot. Firstl he has a foreign accent which immediatel places him under suspicion. Google 'George Soros Communist' and you get about 400,000 hits, almost all from right wing blogs or doctrinaire publications.

Despite the obvious contradiction of a billionaire communist, Soros is accused of being behind virtuall every liberal blog or political campaign. Raising the stakes, the GOP are now claiming that Soros is tring to buy the election. This is coming from the part that has channeled $75 million in antonymous donations to the Chamber of Commerce and hwho has a Gubernatorial candidate, e-Meg Whitman who has sunk well over 4100 million into her big to become Governor of California. Unluck for her, there is no 'bu it now' option on the election.

The GOP' allegations about Soros trying to steal/buy the election are long on hysterics and short on facts other than the vague accusation of trying to have elections run by hyper-partisan liberal election officials. The accusation is long on hysterics but completely lacking in any proof.

It's not just Soros though. The GOP are trotting out its usual pre-election hysteria about Democratuc 'ACORN' stle fraud. Here is just a samplong of the leads on talking Points Memo today,

"West Virginia GOP launches anti Voter fraud effort"
"Voter Fraud Allegations In Yuma County Turn Out Baseless"
"Angle campaign to base, 'Harry Reid wants to steal the election"

Despite offering rewards for information leading to a conviction for voter fraud in the past few elections, no Democrat/Acorn/Soros backed person or entity has ever been charged nevermind convicted of election fraud.v

For those interest in the arcane rules of election fraud, submitting false or erraneous voter registration applications is not a violation of the law. Having participated in registration drives I know that the opposite i true. By law all completed applications have to be turned in to the relevant local authorities who will then verify or reject the application. Acorn did that, but then Republicans have also been accused of the same tactics. The individual collecting the applications can mark an application as suspicious but is still obligated to turn the application in within a specified time of receiving the applicayion.

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