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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eric Cantor heavily invested in mortgage companies that he still defends.

While 40 States' Attorney Generals are investigating the illegal procedures used by Banks and others to streamline foreclosures Cantor, the GOP House minority whip continues to defend them.

He opposes any foreclosure moratorium and said last week, “Now, come on, people have to take responsibility for themselves, We don’t need government intervening in every step of every aspect of this economy.”

Many of Cantor's top contributors are banks, mortgage companies and their lobbyists. His wife is managing director at one of the top three banks with the highest foreclosure rates. He also owns a a stake worth $250-$500,000 in TrustMor mortgage, a company he funded in 1996 and still receives an income from the company.

Cantor believes that people need to take responsibility for their actions which is fine, except that he doesn't seem to aply the same standards to corporations, especially those that support him or in which he has a financial stake.

I guess the sanctity of the Rule of Law and property rights to not apply equally in his distorted world.

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