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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joe MIller, Tea Party Senate candidate for Alaska is a thug and a liar

A reporter was handcuffed by Joe Miller's personal bodyguards during a public appearance at a rally in a school building. The reporter did nothing other that try to ask Miller some questions in a hallway.

Miller,a lawyer has refused to answer any questions about a disciplinary action taken against him a few years ago for using government computers for political campaigning which is a no-no. A question about just that instigated the handcuffing of the reporter.

In the ensuing fallout, Miller claimed that he was required by the school to bring a security team. The meeting was in the evening so no students were around. The school said that was not true. It also turns out that at least two of the security guards were active duty members of the military moonlighting without permission.

Yesterday Miller suggested we police the borders just the way the East Germans did it.

I think we are getting a clear picture of Joe Miller, who could very possibly be in the Senate thinks and acts.

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