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Monday, October 11, 2010

GOPers hate the minimum wage - not that they know how much it even is.

The current minimum wage is about $8.55 nationally. Republicans hate the idea of a minimum wage because they think it kills jobs. It would if you could hire two people at $4,25 an hour. The problem with that is no-one can survive on that wage in today's world unless you work about 120 hours a week, or 12 hours a day every day of the week. That will solve the problem because a person working that many hours wouldn't have time to do anything but eat or sleep. It used to be that way 100 years ago but we've become a little more civilized since then.

Statistics show that the minimum wage has enabled people working a 40 hour a week at the minimium to at least survive and with a bit of luck, stay out of poverty. The problem is that most Republicans have no idea what the minimum wage even is.

Here are five prime examples.

Michael Steele RNC Chairman had no idea what it was in an interview on MSNBC. He added that it was "irrelevant" to this election. For Steele, it's all about elections, not what is right.

Linda McMahon, GOP Senate candidate and WWE CEO didn't know what it is but still suggested it was too high and was too much of burden on businesses.

Joe Miller, Tea Party Senate candidate for Alaska thinks it's unconstitutional. He added that if you like big government, move to Massachusetts.

John Raese, Senate candidate for West Virginia is proud of his wealth which he said he earned the traditional way by inheriting it thinks it should be abolished. He would prefer to go back to the days when there were no workplace safety rules, no unemployment and you were paid in scrip and had to buy everyting from the company store.

Dino Rossi, Senate Candidate for Washington. He opposed raising the minimum wage in Washington from $8.07 to $8.55 and instead wanted to lower it.

More here. plus video evidence.

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