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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Former US allies in Iraq now joining Al Qaeda

It looks more and more like Nouri Al Maliki the pro-Iranian tough guy and Moqtadar Al Sadr, pro Iranian Islamic extremist will form the core of the new government in Iraq. With the Sunnis left out in the cold, many members of The Awakening Councils who helped end the insurgency have now quit or been dismissed and are joining Al Qaeda in droves. joining Al Qaeda in droves.

Although there are no firm figures, security and political officials say hundreds of the well-disciplined fighters — many of whom have gained extensive knowledge about the American military — appear to have rejoined Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Beyond that, officials say that even many of the Awakening fighters still on the Iraqi government payroll, possibly thousands of them, covertly aid the insurgency.

The defections have been driven in part by frustration with the Shiite-led government, which Awakening members say is intent on destroying them, as well as by pressure from Al Qaeda. The exodus has accelerated since Iraq’s inconclusive parliamentary elections in March, which have left Sunnis uncertain of retaining what little political influence they have and which appear to have provided Al Qaeda new opportunities to lure back fighters.
Almost a trillion dollars spent, over 4,000 American soldiers killed, thousands more debilitated by traumatic brain damage and a country split between a pro Iranian Islamic government and s new safe haven for Al Qaeda.

Now voters in the U.S. seem to want the idiots who brought this all about to govern again. Maybe the United States of Amnesia is a more appropriate name.

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