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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tales from the looney side

As we get closer to the election things are getting stranger.

The candidate lost in a time capsule

Jon Runyan, a former pro football player (the American version) is running for a GOP house seat in Philadelphia. In a debate last night, his opponent, incumbent John Adler asked Runyon if there is a Supreme Court decision he disagreed with in the past 10-15 years. Runyon, who obviously hadn't done his homework, answered, "Dred Scott". The Dred Scott case was decided in 1857. The Supreme Court decided by a 7-2 margin ruled that no person of black ancestry, slave or not, could be a citizen or have any standing in court.

Even though he was about 150 years off, Runyan agreed that it was the wrong decision. That's not always a given in today's Tea Party climate.

"I swear I meant to hit the 'delete' button"

Virginia Beach Republican Party chair Dave Bartholomew forwarded a racist email comparing African Americans to dogs and has resigned as a result. His excuse was that he was just 'getting familiar with the Internet'. Prominent local Repulbicans rushed to his defense, claiming Bartholomew is "not a racist". I'm also sure that some of his best friends are black. I'll let the jury decide on his racism but there is no doubt he is a complete idiot.

Glenn Beck, scientist crushes Darwin

His 'logic defies logic. Yesterday he said that he has never seen a "half monkey, half human" ergo evolution doesn't exist. He did give himself some wiggle room though, "If I get to the other side and God's like, 'You know what, yep, you were a monkey once,' I'll be shocked, but I'll be cool with it." Beck has obviously never scanned the more ridiculous tabloids waiting in the checkout line at his local supermarket.

I pity the poor fools how have signed up and paid good money for Beck's on-line University. Yes, it does actually exist.

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