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Monday, June 13, 2011

The right's favorite historian, David Barton is a blithering idiot

Barton is the right's favorite historian. He obviously has a lot of influence judging by his twisted view of the facts of history. He recently claimed that the Founding Fathers rejected Darwin's theory of evolution. This is a truly unique view of history considering Darwin was born in 1809, long after the Founding Fathers were done with their 'founding'.

He's also claimed that the colonists wanted to break away from England to make it easier to abolish slavery. Nevermind that Jefferson and many other Founding Fathers were slave-owners or that Britain abolished slavery more than 20 years before America without having to fight a Civil War about it.

No wonder Michelle Bachmann claimed the Founding Fathers worked to abolish slavery

Mother Jones has the story including this gem:

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry, another potential GOP presidential candidate, says we need to return to our Biblical principles to escape from our current system of economic slavery (yes, he really said this), he's channeling Barton.

Separately, Perry recently claimed that the current economic crisis is part of God's plan, validating Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein claim that his company was doing God's work.

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