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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Republican priorities - What would Jesus Say

The GOP 2012 budget proposed cutting over $850 million from WIC, a program that provides nutritional aid to low income pregnant women and infants as well as cutting millions more in cuts to the Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program. With the economy in it's current state such programs are literally a lifeline for a growing segment of the population.

At the same time the Bush tax cuts give each of 321,000 households who earn at least 41 a year an average of $2,700 a week in tax breaks. At the very minimum that adds up to $866 million assuming all those households earn no more than $1 million a year. In fact, many earn far more than that.

So one week of Bush tax cuts would more than cover the cost of the program.

According to Think Progress:

Economists have estimated that every dollar invested in WIC “saves between $1.77 and $3.13 in health care costs in the first 60 days after an infant’s birth by reducing the instance of low-birth-weight babies and improving child immunization rates.

Not only that, the WIC money is all put back into the economy immediately. How much of the tax savings to millionaires goes straight back into the economy? A lot less I would imagine despite the GOP myth that bigger tax breaks for the wealthy automatically creates more jobs.

Set aside the immorality of this, it is fiscal idiocy. And I'm not even considering their abortion policy, 'love the fetus, discard the infant.'

And the Bachmanns and Santorums are looking for guidance from God on whether to run for President. Fuck them. It almost wants me to believe in an afterlife because people like that are certainly going to Hell and I would love to see the looks on those self righteous faces when they find they aren't going where they expected.

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