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Monday, June 13, 2011

Grand Theft Iraq - $6.6 billion worth

Rep Dana Rochrabacher (R-CA) was asked to leave Iraq for behaving like a complete idiot by insisting that Iraq repay us for the privilege of being invaded by the U.S.

This makes him look like even more of an idiot.

Missing Iraq money may have been stolen, auditors say, according to the L.A. Times.

Soon after the invasion the Pentagon loaded about $12 billion in shrink wrapped $100 bills on transport planes to Iraq to be used for construction projects. The money belonged to Iraq from came from Iraqi oil sales, seized Iraqi assets and surplus funds from the United Nations' oil-for-food program. $6.6 billion, a little more than half has not been accounted for. Congressional investigators have now concluded that most if not all of the $6.6 billion was stolen.

The Iraqis are pissed and are suing the U.S. so the U.S. are probably going to have to dig deep and pay out the $6.6 billion. It's one more illustration of the reckless and cavalier manner in which the whole war was carried out.

I'm waiting for the first GOP politician to suggest the $6.6 billion come out of a program for Veterans, child nutrition, woman's health or some such program. I'm absolutely certain one of them will suggest it and when they do I will devote as much time and energy as I can to target that politician on this blog and elsewhere.

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