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Monday, June 27, 2011

Michelle Bahmann and facts - casual acquaintances at best

She's managed to be one of the chief promulgators of the 'lie of the year' according to the non-partisan Politifact. She's become the Meryl Streep of Politifact's lie of the year award. Last year she won for claiming health care reform was a government takeover of health, She won that award jointly with many others, but not to be outdone was also nominated for her lie that President Obama's trip to India was costing the taxpaper over $200 million a day.

Her impeccable source for that bit of twaddle was the renowned investigative journalist Matt Drudge who's impeccable source for that item was a single newspaper in India.

She was separated twice in 2009, once jointly with many others for the 'Death Panel' claim but also separately for claiming page 92 of the ACA would bar people from buying private insurance after a certain date. Forget that she had the wrong page but she couldn't have misinterpreted the offending quote, (actually on page 91) if she had tried.

Today she officially launched her Presidential campaign in Waterloo, Iowa, where she as born. She's a bit confuse about the history of Waterloo however. At least the one in Iowa. In an interview with Fox News today she said, ""But what I want them to know, just like John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the kind of spirit that I have, too."

She was a tad confused, The John Wayne she was probably referring to was born Marion Morrison (way to gay a name for someone like John Wayne) in Winterset IA, wbout 120 miles away. The John Wayne who is connected to Waterloo IA, was John Wayne Gacy who raped and murdered over 30 men before being caught, tried and executed.

Just a slight mix up.

At this rate, her end won't be that different from another delusional little megalomaniac who also had his ass handed to him at Waterloo; not the one in Iowa.

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