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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Newt Gingrich logic fail

Gingrich Calls For Audit Of Fed While Also Urging Repeal Of Legislation That Audits The Fed.

Newt's residential campaign might be end up being the worse since....Fred Thompson. A couple of weeks ago almost his entire staff resigned while he was cruising the Greek Islands with wife Tiffany Callista. Now his campaign finance staff have resigned due to huge debts being run up by Gingrich who is raising little money for the campaign but spending it freely on travel and other perks.

Then again most sane people knew Gingrich, an inveterate grifter, is only in the race to scam more money. Everyone, including himself, knows he is completely unelectable.

Hey, it worked for Donald Trump. A new $130 million contract from NBC for a show that was previously in a steep decline makes Trump the early election winner.

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