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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pawlenty and Cain blur the differnce between the Oinion and the Real world

First Tim Palenty comes up with his Google test for government services. If you can find the same service on Gogle, the government shouldn't be doing it. Amtrak was on the list, Government run Amtrak is the only intercity passenger rail service. Extend that to online universities and you get the drift. Definitely Onion territory.

Herman Cain, not to be outdone vowed not to sign any bill longer than three pages to a wildly cheering crowd. The bill that would pass the tax cuts he wants may just be able to be squeezed into 100 pages. Only ceremonial and naming bills would be passed in a Herman Cain presidency and the crowd cheers him on. Are you fucking kidding me.

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