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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Republicans determined to go down with the USS Ryan

No Republican dare oppose the Ryan budget plan. OK so a few GOP Senators did like the Maine "moderates" Senators Snowe and Collins but they do so at their own peril and Snowe will more than likely end up facing a Tea Party primary challenge and we all remember Christine O'Donnell.

A new CNN poll shows just how toxic the Ryan Medicare budget will be. Overall 35% favor it while 58% oppose it. 54% of Conservatives oppose it while 74% of seniors over 55 oppose it. The swing in that age group was the deciding factor in the 2010 elections.

Some pundits point out that this us significant because most people haven't started paying attention to the 2012 elections but a lot can happen in the next 18 months. If the Democrats buy into the notion of Medicare cuts in any way they could lose the advantage. They will face an unprecedented barrage of money in 2012 and a party that is more than happy to distort anything and everything.

Win the election first. Nothing else matters from now to Nov. 2012.

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