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Monday, June 13, 2011

Maine GOP kill same day voter registration to kill phantom 'Democrat fraud

The Maine GOP controlled legislature voted to kill same day voter registration because 'Democrats intentionally steal elections.' It awaits signature by the fat-ass Governor Paul LePage whose approval ratings have been plummeting along with many other new GOP governors.

He gained fame for removing a painting honoring labor from the State Capital and for proposing to roll back child labor laws.

If Democrats are so good at stealing elections how come Lepage and his clown posse of Representatives won the election. Phantom election fraud is the excuse used by the GOP to limit access to voting, something they are working on with more vigor than ever.

Funny that the biggest election fraud case in years sent 8 GOP election officials in Clay County, Kentucky to jail for a combined 156 years for extortion and vote fraud that had gone on for decades.

Those who scream loudest about wrongdoing are often the wrongdoers themselves.

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