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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rep Dana Rohrabacher enganders troops, asked to leave Iraq

We invade Iraq for non existent WMDs. We screw up the occupation because Rumsfeld et al refused to listen to wiser minds who said, 'whatever you do don't fire the Iraqi army so they did. Rumsfeld refused to listen to the CIA for two years who warned him that an insurrection was starting. Untold lives lost, and are still being lost as a low level civil war continues. 2.1 million refugees fled Iraq and another 2.8 million are still displaced inside Iraq and this little prick Rohrabacher shows up and tells the Iraqis they have to pay us for the war we started.

The Iraqi response:

“Those people are not welcome in Iraq. They are raising a controversial issue which influences the strategic relation between us and the United States,” he said.

“They are asking for compensation for the war and we are not committed to pay anything to any of the people who participated in the invasion of Iraq,” he told Reuters.

Nevermind the arrogance, Rohrabacher's words can only stir up anti-American feelings, which still run deep and strong in Iraq despite the idea that we somehow did them a great favor. No wonder they hate us.

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