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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry for the absence

My apologies for the hiatus from the blog. There's been a little too much going on in my real world right now, most of it good. I also realized I felt burned out and utterly frustrated by the level of debate and the state of politics in America. We have our own version of Pravda and Sarah Palin and cable news suck the oxygen out of the debate.

Over 900 separate bills restricting a woman's choice are currently in the works at the state level across the U.S. Job creation bills, not so much unless you believe the myth that tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy is still the best job creation tool available.

I am starting to blog again despite more work, more pressure, moving etc but it's also provided good therapy for me, and hopefully fun and interest for me readers out there. The blog had started to gain momentum and was averaging over 100 hits a day which is tiny in the political blogosphere but we've survived for more than a year and are going to stick around.

An occasional click on an ad would also be much appreciated. It helps me feel there is soe value beyond what I write and the occasional check from Google doesn't hurt either.

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