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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mission Accomplished - Bin Laden dead

President Obama told the nation and the world that Osama Bin Laden has finally been killed. Mission finally accomplished. The U.S. had him apparently cornered in the mountains of Afghanistan towards the tail end of the initial invasion of Afghanistan but for whatever reason cut off the pursuit to turn their attention instead to Iraq.

Ironically it was May 1, 2003, exactly eight years ago that President Bush landed a plane on the USS Abraham Lincoln, strutting around in his flight uniform complete with codpiece looking accoutrement beneath a banner saying 'Mission Accomplished'.

In fact the mission had barely began and was about to fly off the rails due to the incompetence of Rumsfeld et al who, despite CIA warnings refused to accept that a major insurgency was underway in Iraq.

It took a president with the right priorities to finally get the job done. The countdown begins now for the first negative comment from a Republican politician or commentator. I give it less than 12 hours with the odds being on the turd Rush Limbaugh being the first.

Rumors that Donald Trump has insisted on proof through the long form death certificate is not true.

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