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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jon Stweart on the Common commotion: Eviscerates Sean Hannity

The first part of the segment

Second part here.

I'm sure Hannity never watches Jon Stewart. I've said it before and I will say it again. Why does it take a fucking comedian to expose the hypocrisy and idiocy of Fox News? More often than not, when I go into a waiting room, a restaurant, a bank or any other place with public access if there is a news channel on, it's Fox. And I live in liberal Los Angeles.

Fo lies about anything and everything, as long as it's to further the Republican agenda. Courtesy of Media Matters here are a few examples of their blatant lies, never mind their perpetual hypocrisy.

Fox claims 97% of America's offshore oil remains 'off limits'. The actual number is 20% and that 20% contains far less potential oil reserves and at best is marginal financially for the oil companies to drill. 97% - 29% Not even close to the truth.

Fox falsely claims the Ovama Department of Justice is 'going after' CIA officials who tortured, using waterboarding etc. A blatant lie. Eric Holder, Obama's AG hasn't even considered the idea.

President Obama signed an Executive Order forcing any company or organization that benefits from government contracts to disclose who they are giving political donations to. The Republicans, who benefited mightily from the Citizens United Supreme Court decision where corporations can anonymously donate unlimited sums of money to a political interest group. Fox claims that Unions are exempt from the Executive order. It's easy to find out the truth, which is that Unions are not exempt. Just read the fucking Executive Order but that would be asking too much of America's version of Pravda.

Those are just some striking examples from this week. In the Common commotion it's really all about race. For Hannity it's okay for Ted Nugent to yell from the stage about Obama sucking on the wrong end of a machine gun but not for Common yo rap about violence and to take the lyrics out of context because the end of the rap actually condemns the violence he describes earlier in the rap. There is only one reason, actually two, the color of the respective entertainer's skin and the target.

Fox News Lies pathologically without shame or conscience. I'm starting a boycott. From now on, if I walk into any public place that has Fox News on, I am informing the manager or whoever that as long as they keep showing Fox News lying to a gullible populace, they will lose my business. I'll change banks if I have to. Pass it on.

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Shauna Z said...

It will, unfortunately, continue to fall to the comedian's to bring about the words that dare not squeak from the mouth of the LAMES = mainstream and often "other" media.

Bravo, always, to those with humour and a sense of consciousness to set things in proper perspective.