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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GOP Freshman may have no brains but they have 'Chutzpah'

'Chutzpah' is a Jewish word for audacity implying 'insolence' or 'impertinence'. It's not the same as having balls or courage. It's like walking up to your sworn enemy at school, reaching out to shake his hand and instead kicking him in the balls than kicking him a few more times on the ground before finally helping him yo his feet and asking for peace suggesting letting bygones be bygones.

That seems to be the new GOP House Freshmen strategy. They've suggested a truce and 41 of them sent a letter to Obama saying, "We ask that you stand above partisanship, condemn the disingenuous attacks and work with this Congress to reform spending on entitlement programs,"

These were the same people who went apeshit because Democrats were going to kill granny and got millions in Chamber of Commerce funds to keep hammering home this lie. Truth is the $500 billion in Medicare savings weren't going to cut services for Grandma but to reign in Medicare Advantage costs, the voucher system that is administered by private insurers and costs 14% more but provides the exact same services.

The dishonest barrage of ads hurt the confused and off message Democrats and they paid dearly at the polls.

The GOP took over the House and a host of state assemblies and governorships using this as an excuse and are using this as an excuse to enact their extreme 'wet dream' conservative/religious agenda with nary a 'moderate' Republican to object.

The have proposed 916 different bills to restrict abortion, bills to kill Unions, privatize anything they can, make voting far harder for people under the guise of stopping 'voter fraud, eviscerating funding for public schools and assistance for low income people etc.

And then came the brave, courageous Ryan budget that has done nothing but bitten them hard in the ass. Now they are running scared and begging for a truce. Kick 'em while they're down. The DNCC should be targeting (oops, can't do that) every one of these 41 sniveling freshmen cowards. Almost all come from small media markets where media buys are not very expensive. Start now, asking them why they think everyone under 55 should have to spend their life savings on medical care and end up broke by the time they die.

Not even the slick Paul Ryan could adequately explain his Medicare plan when pressed at Town Hall meetings. How do think these freshmen will do?

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