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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ron and Rand Paul both aid they would have voted against The Civil Righs Act

I have a grudging respect for Ron, the elder Paul who is a Congressman from Texas. At least he sticks by his libertarian beliefs in opposing our ongoing wars although his libertarian views fly out the window on a woman's right to choose. His son, Rand the Senator from Kentucky is just an idiot. They both came out this week and said they would have opposed the Civil Rights Act on the principle that the government has no right telling business who they can do business with. This shows they both suffer from a complete ignorance of history.

Are they aware of the 1892 decision by the Supreme Court in Plessy V Ferguson where the court ruled in a disgraceful decision that the Pullman railroad company was allowed to offer 'separate but equal' facilities for black customers, even though the 'equal' part of it was a myth. Incidentally, that concept became the cornerstone of the justification of Apartheid in South Africa.

Prior to the Civil Rights Act, businesses in the South were legally prohibited from admitting blacks in many situations. The Civil Rights Act stopped that. In the famous action by four blacks in Greensboro to sit down at a 'whites' only counter in Woolwoths in 1950 Woolworths was prohibited by law even if they wanted to be 'libertarians' and admit blacks.

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Shauna Z said...

Nice post! Agree - to a degree.