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Sunday, January 23, 2011

They hate Union members, they hate government workers

That's the lament from the right. Union workers have too much power, they're paid too much, their health insurance plans are too generous, so are their pensions. Government workers are even worse. Forget the small minority of government workers who make a six figure income, for many, they trade opportunity for the security of health care and a pension while earning relatively modest salaries. The reality is far removed from the picture painted by the right who think it's corporate America that needs all the breaks.

This morning my husband got up at 5:00 a.m. to work outside in 7 degree F temperatures. He sat on the end of the couch, head in his hands sipping his coffee telling me how much he hates his job. How much it’s wearing him out. He makes $29.00 dollars an hour. Roughly $60,000 a year. He’s a union electrician. His health care premiums come out of his pay check; it is NOT subsidized by his “company.” His disability comes out of his pay check. It is NOT subsidized by his company.

I don’t think most people understand this about the unions. These men get paid what they do because they are subsidizing their own care. Men in suits thinks he makes too much money. Men in suits think he doesn’t deserve health care or disability, that he’s just a body to use and abuse.

That's the reality for many. In today's America millions more would be overjoyed to be that electrician. The Blue Collar Life.

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