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Friday, January 28, 2011

Michelle Bachmann wants to cut veteran's benefits

Michelle Bachmann posted her plan to cut $400 billion in Federal spending on her website. None of her suggestions have caused as much outrage as her suggestion to cut veteran's benefits and disability payments by $4.5 billion.

Va healthcare costs are rising by about $4 billion a year or ten percent largely because of the interminable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars are like none other in that medical aid can be provided to wounded soldiers faster than ever before resulting in a low ratio of dead to wounded soldiers. In Iraq traumatic brain injuries were common because of the weapon of choice, IEDs, leaving soldiers disabled for life.

For someone so gung ho on perpetual war against radical Islam she ought to be ashamed of herself but this brain dead hypocritical moron of a Stepford Wife Republican is beyond shame.

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