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Friday, January 21, 2011

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is a vile human being

On the plus side she has finally caved in on taking away funding for people who need transplants by creating a $151 million uncompensated-care pool to pay health-care providers for ‘life-saving’ procedures” like the transplants. This after she once described the procedures as optional and after two people died waiting for transplants.

To offset that and other deficits she will be cutting 280,000 people from Medicaid including 5,200 seriously mentally ill people. If there is another Jared Loughner lurking among those 5,200 mentally ill people, that's just too fucking bad.

Ironically the expected surge in hospital patients who cannot afford to pay for their treatment could very well make her uncompensated care pool unworkable. At the same time she is also proposing a slew of new corporate tax breaks which will wipe out any savings from the Medicaid cuts.

In related news, Texas has proposed cuts of $14 billion to help balance the states $27 billion deficit. Virtually all the cuts are in health care services and education. Texas already has more uninsured people per capita than any other states an ranks 48th in education. No taxes will be raised to close rhe busget gap.

And the beat goes on. We'll all pay in the end.

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