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Monday, January 3, 2011

61% of Americans agree - tax the rich to reduce the deficit.

A poll for Vanity Fair conducted by CBS found that 61% of all Americans far taxing the rich as the first choice in balancing the budget. Another 20% believe that the first step should be cutting the defense budget. Way down the list at 3% and 4% respectively are cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

What does that say about the Democrats' ability to get out the message? And what does that say about the claims by the Tea Party and many Republicans that they are in Washington to represent the people's wishes?

For that matter, the media totally failed to frame the debate about extending the Bush tax cuts either. Part of the problem is that most people have no idea how our marginal tax laws work. During the recent debate I saw local newspapers twice print letters where the writer claimed they would have no incentive to earn even a penny over $250,000 because they would then pay the additional taxes on all $250,000 that they earned. That the newspaper printed such an obviously erroneous letter says volumes about the debate.

The poll results aren't surprising. Neither is the fact that the political debate has become so tainted by bullshit and the ability to spend billions to bamboozle the electorate.

The result is that unpopular and unworkable policies become the norm. The results are too ominously obvious, When, or if we come to our senses it will more than likely be too late.

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Anonymous said...

The ignorance of the 61 percent is astonishing. You could literally take all of the money that the supposed rich have and it would not even dent the Government created debt we have.