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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Repulicans ready to rumble: WIll try to repeal Health Care Reform by next week

The Republicans aren't wasting any time. The 112th Congress will be sworn in tomorrow (Wednesday 5th) and plan to vote on the repeal of Health Care Reform a week later. It will pass in the House and probably fail in the Senate. If not President Obama will use his veto. The GOP will then try to strip away or defund parts of the bill.

It's time for a street fight. Some of the more popular parts of Health Care Reform have already kicked in, Prescription pills for seniors under Medicare have already dropped by 50% and children up to 26 can now stay on their parents plan.

The new GOP majority in the House represents Corporate extremism at its most blatant. Forget the bullshit about the Tea Party demanding transparency and accountability in Washington. They believe with the fervor of fanaticism that there is nothing that government can do well, let the free market reign, and that means giving corporate America all the power and freedom it wants.

The health care industry says 'kill the bill' and they duly oblige. The Democrats have a great opportunity to right out of the gate. Let every senior citizen know that the Republicans want to take away their shining new lower cost prescription costs, Show some balls or get kicked in them again and again. There is no longer any room for negotiation or compromise.

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