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Monday, January 10, 2011

The bullshit of 'moral equivalence' and the shooting in Arizona

The mainstream media is hellbent on equating the rhetoric and actions on the right and the left. Even the old Move-On 'Bush is Hitler' canard was used as evidence. For those who didn't know or who have forgotten, Move-On asked for readers to contribute ads about Bush. One out of thousands referred to Bush as Hitler. It was removed within hours and never saw the light of day other than in those few hours when it was one among thousands. The outrage on the right was deafening. They still bring it up.

Google 'Obama Hitler' and you get about 6.4 million references. Under images alone you get over 1.5 million hits. There was scarcely a Tea Party rally that didn't have at least one sign comparing the two.

More importantly scan the list of right wing violent and often deadly incidents since 2008. I can't recall one 'left wing' incident in that time that can compare. Digby at the blog Hullabaloo has the list as well as a ridiculous exchange between Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borgerof US News and World on CNN. Following is a list of right wing incidents in the past two years. 10 police officers or security guards have died in these incidents.

Anyone who argues there is no correlation between the rhetoric of the right and deadly actions is full of shit.

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