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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Those who ignore the lessons of history

In our 24 hour news spin bullshit cycle the media's absolute refusal to focus on anything of substance other than partisan hackery is leaving us with an understanding of history of a lobotomized newt (not the Gingrich kind but the amphibian kind).

David Sirota explains.

This is why in the debates over war, economics and taxes, we aren't urged to consider past conflicts; we aren't encouraged to remember that America experienced its most storied growth under the New Deal's aggressive financial regulation; and we aren't told that wages and job growth expanded in the mid-20th century with a top income tax bracket above 70 percent. We aren't reminded of these facts because they threaten the defense industry, Wall Street and high-income taxpayers, respectively -- and those forces exert enormous influence over our political discourse, whether through media sponsorship, political campaign contributions or lobbying.

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