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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paranoid, delusional Republicans

A new Newsweek Poll shows that 14% of Republicans truly believe that President Obama wants to impose Sharia Law on America while another 38% believe it is probably true. That suggests proves a slight majority of Republicans are truly delusional.

There can be no other explanation because there is certainly nothing that Obama or his administration have ever said or done to suggest that this may be true in any way, shape or form. They believe this only because the echo chamber of Beck/Palin and others continually reinforce this loony idea in not so subtle ways.

In other news about the war on the incipient arrival of Sharia Law in America, construction equipment at a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro in Tenneessee was destroyed by a presumed arsonist over the weekend, proving, as Asif Mandvi of the Jon Stewart show suggested last week, that 18,000 blocks away from 'Ground Zero' is still too close.  

Approximately 20,000 or so further blocks away, a turban wearing Sikh was punched in the face in a Seattle convenience store while the attacker yelled, "You're not even American, you're al-Qaida. Go back to your country."  As punishment an American Indian should be allowed to punch the attacker in the face telling him to 'go back to his country.'

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