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Monday, August 9, 2010

Income inequality in America

A chart on growth of income inequality in America based on the proportion of total income earned by the top 10%

 Other facts from this slideshow on Huffington Post.

At least twenty-nine states have made cuts to public health programs, twenty-four states have cut programs for the elderly and disabled, twenty-nine states have cut aid to K–12 education, and thirty-nine states have cut assistance to public colleges and universities.

According to the White House, in 2004, the last year data on this was compiled, U.S. multinational corporations paid roughly $16 billion in taxes on $700 billion in foreign active earnings— putting their tax rate at around 2.3 percent. Know many middle-class Americans getting off that easy at tax time?

In 2007 62% of all bankruptcies had medical costs as the root reason.  In 2001 it was 50%.  There were 1.4 million personal bankruptcies in 2009, a 32% increase from 2008.   This means that every 30 seconds some is filing bankruptcy for medical reasons in America.  

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