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Thursday, July 15, 2010

One final clip for those suffering World Cup withdrawal.

The almost unanimous "greatest" World Cup goal ever. Brazil - Italy final 1970. With a few minutes left and Italy an already beaten team down 3-1, Pele creates a masterpiece for Carlos Alberto racing in from the right. This clip is shot from the opposite side of the field than the far more frequently shown clip.

This view shows the key to the goal, not visible in the opposite side clip, which is Tostao. who started the move in Brazil's penalty area closest to the Italian goal pointing to Pele's right to alert him to Carlos Alberto steaming into the attack from his defensive position. A casual, but perfectly weighted pass from Pele allows Alberto to hit it first time without breaking stride.

Teamwork is the essence of football and this goal illustrates that to perfection. Some argue that Diego Maradona's brilliant individual goal against England in 1986 (not the Hand of God goal) is the greatest ever but for me, nothing beats a perfectly worked team goal. This was it.

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