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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Extra! Extra! Right Wing throws another fit = condemns tolerance.

The Helena Montana School District has a new education plan that includes teaching tolerance, safe sex as well as including anti-bullying measures.

The loony right has a problem with these values. Bill O'Reilly came out strongly against tolerance.

’REILLY: This stuff comes from the school boards and the superintendent. They want to indoctrinate the children. The reason is they don’t want bullying. They want tolerance across the board. So you take a 5-year-old who just wants to play and, all of a sudden, it’s Heather has two mommies or Gary has 18 daddies. I don’t know what it is. [7/14/10]

They also think that getting on to MTV's "16 and Pregnant" is a valid career path.

Laura Ingraham, trying her best to be Anne Coulter and failing miserably said,

Children will learn that sexual relationships could happen between two men or two women. Why stop there? Why are they stopping at two? I mean that’s very exclusionary, don’t you think? No plant life invoked. [7/15/10]

I'm all in favor of teaching safety when having sex with plats.

Hannity had to have his say as well.

HANNITY: What right does a school district that can’t even teach kids to read and write — and this is, generally speaking, around the country — have to impose their values on the kids? [7/13/10]

Only right wingers like Hannity, O'Reilly and Ingraham have the right to impose values on our schools. School boards should shut uo and just teach to the test. Leave the indoctrination to us.  Retards, all of them.

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