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Thursday, July 1, 2010

1.7 million people have lost their unemployment insurance

The GOP stopped the passage of a bill to extend unemployment benefits for the third time today.

According to Sharon Angle the Tea Party favorite running for Harry Reid's Senate seat in Nevada think the unemployed are spoiled and don't want to accept entry level jobs, arguing that there are plenty of jobs available. She's totally wrong. There are 6 job seekers for every job available and that is only counting people who are currently looking for work, not those who have given up. Before the recession the ratio was 1.5 job seekers for every job available.

Unemployment checks stimulate the economy more than anything else because every dollar gets spent. It's estimated that every dollar of unemployment spent creates $3 in economic activity.

Someone should inform Sharon Angle that the average unemployment check is $294 a week. That is less than the average 'entry level job' pays.

The Republicans blocking the extension of unemployment benefits should read about Debra Rousey's plight.. Even better, they should try to get by in her shoes.

As I have stated before, the Republicans are intent on squeezing as many people as possible to use as an electoral message in November. Their own welfare comes before the nations.

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