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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Obama Administration Has No Balls # 1

A fairly major shitstorm erupted yesterday when a video of a speech given by Shirley Sherrod, the USDA director for rural Georgia, suggested she was biased against white farmers in a recent speech to the NAACP. The video appeared on Andrew Breitbart's website (he of the ACORN video tapes)

The short video seemed damning enough. Here is the edited version posted by Breitbart.

"What he didn't know while he was taking all that time trying to show me he was superior to me was, I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to give him. I was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland, and here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land. So I didn't give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough."

The implication was that she was referring to a recent incident in her duties with the USDA. Turns out the incident happened in 1986 and the point of her story was to illustrate how she overcame prejudice and helped save the individual's farm.

Before you knew it she had been forced to resign from her position, allegedly at the insistence of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak before Fox News had even managed to ratchet up the hysteria.

Breitbart is well known for editing video to assign guilt. For those who aren't aware. the aftermath of the ACORN saga was that a court in New York threw out all the charges as soon as the judge saw the unedited video. Remember the pimp and hooker outfits the two white interviewers were wearing on the video? Turns out they did that for show but wore normal clothes when meeting with ACORN.

The result was a mega-shitstorm that ultimately forced ACORN to disband despite all the good work the organization did to help minority housing. Despite all the vote rigging accusations against ACORN, no charges were ever filed under the election laws.

Breitbart is notorious for this sort of thing and for the Obama administration to throw Ms. Sherrod her under the bus without considering the validity of the accusation is shameful. Are they that fearful of the right wing media when they hurl around unsubstantiated accusations?

In an interview with Breitbart it turns out that he didn't edit the tape. He received the 2 minute video extract from an anonymous source and ran with it without questioning the context. By this afternoon the couple, who's farm she eventually saved were on TV saying how wonderful she was and that they had become lifelong friends with her.

By then, the damage had been done and the Obama administration have put themselves in a no win situation by their hysterical overreaction. It's pathetic that they still have a cowardly knee-jerk reaction when the right squawks about anything.

For Breitbart, this incident will at least expose him for the lying sack of shit that he is. It didn't happen with the ACORN debacle because their exoneration in the courts happened long after the incident when the idea that ACORN equals voter fraud had already been embedded in the nation's mind. This time the pushback was swift and damning.

Possibly the most amazing reaction came from Glen Beck who took Ms. Sherrod's side this evening. He compared the situation to "taking a videotape of me at an AA meeting where I say, 'And you know what, I have to tell you something. I was drunk everyday. I was completely out of control," and stopping the tape before he said he found Jesus.

Not that I believe he found Jesus. He found that he could make a lot of money feeding into people's paranoid delusions about a 'one world' government and the Marxist-Kenyan-Muslim to destroy America.

Shame on the Obama administration for being suckered by a notorious charlatan and liar.

UPDATE Breitbart on CNN with John King last night challenged Eloise Spooner’s “purported” story, accusing King of trusting Sherrod “that the ‘farmer’s wife’ is the farmer’s wife”

Keep digging that hole. Soon you'll disappear.


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