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Monday, July 19, 2010

GOP Candidate in Tennessee fears the imposition of Sharia Law

The proposed construction of a Muslim community center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has become a hot issue in the Republican primary for the open Dem-held TN-06 district. One candidate, Lou Ann Zelenik, has been accusing her rivals of not taking a strong enough stand against it -- and her campaign is also warning against the possibility of Sharia law being instituted in Tennessee.

Her campaign spokesperson issued this statement:

"This isn't about building a mosque. This is about the establishment of Sharia law over the Constitution. And we're taking a very strong stance on that, we're opposed to the establishment of Sharia law in our state. We're going to give the people of Murfreesboro a forum to air their voice about the Islamic center that is being constructed."

I can see how this can happen.   First those darned Muslims build a community  center and next thing the Tennessee legislature starts enacting Sharia law. 

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