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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scott Walker's race to the bottom continues unimpeded

We reported recentlythat Scott Walker, who promised jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs led the nation in job losses in October as Wisconsin shed 9,700 hundred jobs in October. To make matters worse, he fed his recall opponents the perfect TV ad fodder by openly mocking the policies of neighbors, Illinois, which ironically registered the largest employment gains.

The numbers for November are out and while Illinois is no longer #1 Wisconsin is firmly anchored again at the bottom. This time Wisconsin lost 14,700 jobs, edging out Minnesota as the only two states to lose jobs. This marks the 5th straight month of job losses in Wisconsin when Walker's budget came into effect.

There is one job loss that a majority of the state will cheer, Walker's own tenuous hold on the Governor's office. Scott Walker, creating a legacy, one lost job at a time.

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