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Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama's dastardly evil plot to destroy Christmas from the inside

Wingnuts tie themselves in knots. The latest outrage is that the While House is displaying 37, count 'em, Christmas trees this season. How dare they be so extravagant when times are so bleak. Never mind most of them are in the part seen by the public and rarely by the Obamas.

The details are gruesome.

The economy may be weak, unemployment strong and the first family soon to vacate the White House for another half-month of vacation in Hawaii.
But the Obamas have gone all out in decorating their house this year, including a nearly quarter-ton gingerbread White House.
They have also installed 37 different Christmas trees. Thirty of the trees are live, or were, including one nearly 19-feet tall from Wisconsin. Seven of the three dozen Christmas trees are artificial or homemade including, of course, one from recyclables.

So we know that Obama is waging an all out war against Christmas instead of Iran yet he's overdecorated the White House with Christmas trees...mmmm. Obviously some sort of devious plan to all all good Christians into thinking Obama likes Christmas when it's obvious he's going to destroy it from the inside.

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