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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Headlines we don't need

From the Washington Post:

Newt Gingrich as President can turn the White House 
into an "Ideas Factory"
This could solve the whole jobs crisis.  We can have basement upon basement filled with the previously unemployed, earning minimum wage to keep Newt supplied with ideas.  He'll need some help judging by a couple of recent doozies. 

First off is his solution to Social Security.  Let the individual take his social security to the Wall Street casino with an ironclad guarantee.  If Wall Street produces less than the current system would have earned, the government will step in and make up the difference.  Talk about 'moral hazard'.  TARP for everyone, we're all too big to fail now.  Penny stocks,, why not, the Internets told me I can make up to 28,000%, Uncle Sam's got my back.  Every American becomes "too big to fail".  The Republican base will lap this up, without realizing it's implications which can only lead to the eventual bankruptcy of America.

Another brilliant idea from Newtie is to abolish child labor laws so we can teach all those poor kids (read minority kids) who only know how to make money illegally.  He wants to fire all school janitors and replace them with poor kids.  Talk about building self esteem.  Those 'poor kids' will end up cleaning the messes left behind by heir fellow school mates for a couple of dollars an hour.

Idea factory indeed.  Here's an idea for Newt.  Keep this up and you'll guarantee another term for Obama.

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