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Friday, December 9, 2011

Rick Perry determined to immolate himself

His new ad attacks gays in the military and the 'war on Christmas'.  The GOP candidates, other than Gingrich who is marking time, basking in the present adulation are in a determined sprint to the precipice of destruction, trying to outcraze each other.  Perry might just be in the lead with Santorum a close second.  

His ad might set an all time record on Youtube for dislikes. As of a couple of dislikes were at 496,954 and likes were at 13,089.  Within a few minutes dislikes were up by over 300 while 12 more people liked the ad.  All this in three days.

By comparison, the odious Rebecca Black video has racked up about 258,000 dislikes in three months.  

Perry should double Rebecca's total within a few hours.  

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