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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Donald Trump - racist idiot - Suffers from extreme form of ODS

To celebrate Kwanza he also went out and raped a random selection of white women.   A number of right wing hacks have also attacked Obama for the same thing without mentioning Christmas.  For the record George W. issued a very similar pro-forma Kwanza statement every year in office.

ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) is in full bloom with Fox News running in people's heads 24/7 Obama can never do anything right in those suffering from the malady.  They dress to casually for Church on Christmas day.  They were in Hawaii where long pants are considered formal for gawd's sake.  They dress too fancy/uppity (El Rushbo's words) for gala dinners, Michelle goes shopping in way too expensive places until she goes shopping at Target incognito, get's recognized and then is accused of all sorts of opportunism.

There is a direct correlation between the severity of ODS and a total incapacity to think logically in other areas.  They may never realize this.

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