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Thursday, May 17, 2012

GOP and Reality -Complete Strangers

Back in the days of the Iowa caucuses, which seem like a decade ago, Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota decided to withdraw from the GOP Presidential race after a poor showing in his former state.  Little did he know that being marginally less of a dufus than Perry, Cain, Bachmann or Gingrich, he could have got his 15 minutes of fame as putative GOP nominee.  Who knows, his fame might have lasted a little longer seeing as he didn't want to build Club Med on the moon, had no sexual harassment suits, knew the three branches of government and didn't make up stories about 7 foot tall doctors.

Instead, he chose to spend his time working for the computer robot formerly known as Willard (Mitt) Romney.   With a persona about as exciting as mud he's probably better off working for Romney.  The Romney team has him working the morning Cable News shows where few are watching anyway.  Talking to Mrs. Alan Greenspan AKA Amdrea Mitchell today, he came up with some real zingers.   He started by claiming President Obama has no clue about the economy seeing as his only previous experience was as a community activist which is like being in government and moreover, Joe Biden who has been in government forever is even less qualified.   Pawlenty differentiated himself by claiming that he is far more qualified because he comes from a "blue collar" background as does Joe Biden, but who's counting anyway. 

He also claimed that the stimulus was a complete waste of time and money and did nothing to help the economy despite clear evidence to the contrary.   That almost 50% of the stimulus was in the form off tax cuts is obviously completely irrelevant to Pawlenty.  Simple logic thus suggests that tax cuts don't help the economy, an idea that totally cuts the cornerstone of the entire GOP economic policy but who's counting?

During Pawlenty's second term of Governor, Minnesota faced a huge budget shortfall.   How was he able to balance the budget?.....with a large onetime payment from the stimulus.   


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