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Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Isn't James O'Keefe in Prison yet

The pusculent stain on humanity that is James O'Keefe is still around to run free with his video camera is a measure of just how low right wing standards have sunk.  His one big hit, the takedown of Acorn was only possible because he hadn't yet been exposed as a monumental fraud and the wholesale panic that set in among Democrats allowed Acorn to be defunded and shut down before any of the evidence was in. 

Turns out his video 'evidence' was a monument to selective editing and a 'Pimp' outfit used just for show but not in the actual meetings with Acorn where he was dressed normally.  Why anyone in their right mind would even be conned by this alleged 'Pimp' get up is beyond me. 

His story soon fell apart and he's now the subject of a number of lawsuits from former Acorn employees.  Courts in New Jersey and California threw out cases against Acorn in the preliminary stages once the courts saw how heavily the tapes were edited. 

The Acorn debacle did prove that thee right understands absolutely nothing about both the voter registration process and the election process itself.  For the few that may know, silence was preferable to bursting the right's bubble about voter fraud.  Firstly, anyone registering voters is obligated by law to turn in every filled out voter registration form even if they know its fraudulent.   The person or organization turning in the registration can notate their suspicions but destroying that registration even if it says 'Micky Mouse, 123 Main Street, Disneyland" is a felony.  Not to worry, the county election board will check every registration and only they can reject them. The myth that invalid registrations turned in by Acorn or any other organization registering voters will allow Mickey Mouse to vote is a paranoid fantasy.

His next stunt was getting arrested for illegally entering Sen Mary Landrieu (LA)'s offices posing as telephone repairmen.  It was never certain what he was trying to do but tapping her phones wasn't part of his plan.  Lucky for him because that would have landed him in jail, not as a Pimp but as a Pimpee or in prison parlance, someone;s bitch.  Instead he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and got 3 years probation.  

O'Keefe's next foray into voter fraud was in New Hampshire.  After studying recent death notices O'Keefe and his cohorts showed up at polling places using the names of those recently deceased to obtain ballots.  Soon enough they got caught when it turned out a poll worker knew the recently deceased individual. O'Keefe and his cohorts, probably more by luck than design stayed out of serious trouble by not casting any of the ballots they illegally obtained. All they had proved was it is possible to commit voter fraud, not that it actually happens. 

Undeterred by looking more stupid each time O'Keefe set his sights on North Carolina.  This time he was going to prove non0citizens were busy casting votes.  Bingo success, or so claimed

Undeterred hus next stunt involved the failed seduction of CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau aboard a yacht sprinkled with condoms, sex toys and a sexy soundtrack to video the action and compromise Boudreau who was asking too many questions about her.  

He then turned his attention to North Carolina where, horror of horrors, non citizens were voting illegally.  The Breitbart babes were all over it.  Please get back to vetting the 2008 version of Obama.  The whole world is waiting to hear who he hugged.  World Net Daily took time off trying to prove Obama was born in Kenya to cover the story as well. 

Unfortunately the two individuals singled out by O'Keefe both happen to be U.S. citizen and are therefore entitled to vote.  O'keefe's reaction.  He deleted all messages on his U Tube page pointing this out.  

Maybe he will finally go away....then again

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